WRAS, Water Authorities & Regulations

The UK is divided into multiple water authorities. Based on your location water will be provided by your local water authority.

All of our standpipes are designed to comply with The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999*. All models should be suitable for applications that have been deemed a Fluid Category 3 Risk or below. Applications that have been graded Fluid Category 4 or 5 Risk may require you to have a suitable air gap (In these instances we recommend installing a break tank). Please consult with your local water authority for more information.

* Depending on your situation your water authority may set additional requirements. For instance in some circumstances you may not be permitted to use a tap that allows a hose pipe to be attached. Please consult with your water authority for more information.

We manufacture our standpipes using WRAS approved components. To request WRAS Numbers / Certificates please call 01584 861 223 or email info@standpipes.com

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