Which Standpipe do I need?

Tower, Plinth or Iceberg

The first decison you will need to make is what type of enclosure you will require. We currently offer 3 types of enclosure based on different needs.

1. Tower

This is our most common option and the one we recommend. Tower Standpipes are designed to be buried 750mm in the ground, as this is the depth where your incoming water main will usually lie. To install you will need to dig a trench and once you hare connected your standpipe you can simply backfill over the top. The stabalising base will then act as an anchor to secure the standpipe in the ground.

2. Plinth

If you have a hard standing surface then a Plinth Standpipe is the ideal solution. With this option you will have a rising main, which you can thread through the bottom of the standpipe in order to connect your water supply. There are 4 flange mounts that can be used to secure the standpipe to the ground.

3. Iceberg

Iceberg standpipes are useful when you don't want a large profile above ground. Our Iceberg Standpipe can be installed with a minimum of 150mm profile above ground (As double checked valves must be installed above ground, this is the minimum that water authorities will permit). Like the tower there is a stabalising base that will work like an anchor to secure the standpipe in the ground.

Available Taps / Outlets

Tower / Plinth

1. 1/2" Hose Union Bib Tap

This is a standard, conventional tap made of DZR Brass. The tap includes a hose union thread, which allows you to connect a hose pipe (Please check will your water authority first as depending on your use a hose union tap may not be permitted)

2. 1/2" Push Tap

A non-concussive tap with a 7 second automatic shut off. These taps do not include a hose union.

3. 1/2" Non-Hose Union Tap

Depending on your use your water authority may not permit a hose union tap. Therefore we also offer taps without the hose union thread. This uses a spout, which prevents a hose pipe from being attached, in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

4. 3/4" Hose Union Bib Tap

For more industrial uses we offer a 3/4" tap, which increases the volume of water flow through the outlet. These taps include a 3/4" hose union thread, allowing you to attach a 3/4" hose pipe (Please check that this is permitted with your water authority)


1. 3/4" Snap Coupling

A quick fit connector with 3/4" hose union that lets you attach a 3/4" hose pipe.

2. 1/2" Snap Coupling

A quick fit connector with 1/2" hose union that lets you attach a 1/2" hose pipe

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